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A-Thread‘s business model relies on giving back: 5% of all sales go to charity. And through their Shop & Effect program, customers are able to choose which cause to support with their purchase.

Of course I want to support companies that give back. But charity at the end of the retail chain isn’t good enough if the people at the beginning aren’t treated well. A-Thread goes one step further by sourcing primarily domestically made products.

I spoke to customer service representative, Grace, via livechat and this is what she had to say about company sourcing goals:

We try to source as many American made products as we can. Unfortunately, we’re not always able to work with US companies. We try our best to work with partners who share our same values.

While her response doesn’t lend a great deal of information regarding how their values are extended to foreign product sources, it’s refreshing to see so many “Made in USA” labels in one place.

If you have an interest in supporting U.S. designers and a passion for charity, A-Thread is a great retail resource.

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Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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