the moral wardrobe: The Thrifty Kelley

Hey there Style Wise followers, my name is Kelley and I blog over at Threads and Buttons. I’m so honored to be here on Style Wise today, talking about my thrifted closet!

Leah first contacted me about sharing a post on Style Wise when she saw one of the entirely thrifted outfits on my blog. You see, my closet is made up of about 80 – 90% thrifted items, so most days, I find that almost everything I’m wearing is secondhand. For me, thrifting started as a result of my complete and total cheapness. Spend $10+ on a single item of clothing? I don’t think so! At the same time, I detest poor quality clothing… This meant that my options were pretty limited. In most cases, when buying clothes, you have to choose between cost and quality. Then, I walked into Goodwill… And everything changed!

Check out my latest outfit, in video form:

(You can see an entire outfit post for this outfit HERE)

Everything you see in that outfit, other than my tights and the scarf which I knit myself, came from a thrift store. AND I’ve had most of the items for years!

I’ve found so many quality pieces at thrift stores at prices that even I could agree with. A vintage dress that fits me like a glove for only $1? Yes please! A warm already broken in sweater to curl up with in the winter? Sure, I’ll pay $4 for that!

Not only am I saving money and getting a quality product, I’m also helping to cut back on the giant amount of waste that takes place in our world as we continue producing more and more goods, while simply throwing away anything that doesn’t currently meet our fancy. Thrifting is making a comeback, and as it continues to grow in popularity, so do things like small businesses, vintage sellers, swap parties, and other eco-friendly shopping options.

So why not take a trip down to your local thrift store? You may find something wonderful, and help to make some wonderful changes in the process.

-The Thrifty Kelley


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Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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