the moral wardrobe: prep school armadillos

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I only wear knee high socks on Wednesdays. I have not yet discovered the subconscious, but nevertheless important, reason my brain has for this. If you ever see me in knee high socks on this blog, know that the photos were taken on a Wednesday.

This outfit is a strange amalgamation of southwest details (embroidered moccasins, armadillo earrings) and preppy basics (polo shirt dress, family crest shirt, knee high socks). Have the two ever been combined before?

I bought the earrings, not because they had a southwestern motif, but because a neighborly armadillo used to dig in the bushes outside my house when I lived in south Florida. I miss her/him.

Ethical choices are bolded below:

  • Shirt Dress – Lacoste via local thrift shop
  • Graphic Tee – J. Crew via Goodwill
  • Armadillo Earrings – Christine Domanic via etsy
  • Knee High Socks – Ross
  • Moccasins – Minnetonka via ebay (second hand)


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Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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