benji frank: better 1, or 2

My Benji Frank glasses have arrived, after much thinking and researching and second guessing and shopping around. Glasses are expensive these days! I couldn’t find a pair of glasses locally that cost under $200.00 (and that was with the insurance discount). Benji Frank glasses run $100.00 a pair and I can confirm that they were produced ethically.

I chose the Truman (left) and the Taylor (right), but I don’t know if I should keep both. I like the Taylor best for every day, but the Truman in black are great statement frames; they suit the black and white mod style of the season perfectly.

benji frank glasses
If you’re planning on purchasing from Benji Frank, please take into consideration that they are a very new company. Though the owner has been very good about correcting errors and addressing all of my concerns, there were a few hiccups during the order process. That being said, they offer a good product and I think they’ll continue to improve and work out issues over time.

benji frank glasses

So, should I keep both frames? What do you take into consideration when purchasing new glasses?

About Leah

Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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