the moral wardrobe: black and white

classic stripes look personal stylechambray skirt

I’ve always loved black and white prints, so I’m glad they’re in this season. It gives me a reason to stock up before the next thing overtakes it.

I wore this to a 5 year old’s graduation party. She played with water balloons and went swimming while the adults talked about grad school and summer plans and ate pulled pork sandwiches.

Ethical choices are bolded below:

  • Striped Shirt – Gap
  • Skirt – Vintage, for sale at Water Lily Thrift
  • Belt – old Ross
  • Shoes – Worishofer
  • Necklace – Antique via my great aunt


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About Leah

Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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2 Responses to the moral wardrobe: black and white

  1. Leah,

    We at One World Projects took a look at some of your moral outfits and we love them! We really appreciate seeing people out there like you, consumers that are conscious of how their buying decisions affect others. Please check out our blog if you have the time. We will be posting some clothing items in which you may find interest in the near future!

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