natural skincare: why I love Origins

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I stumbled into Origins a bit by accident while waiting for Daniel to get a haircut nearby. I kept thinking it was Body Shop and I wanted some new lotion. Upon realizing I wasn’t at Body Shop, I decided to check out their face powders for kicks since I was still using a non-organic, questionable-ingredients powder. Attendant Kelley helped me find my perfect match in their Silk Screen Refining Powder (take note: I chose this option because I’m allergic to any product that contains full spectrum sunscreen), then set me up for a free mini facial so I could try a full Origins skincare regimen.

I now own three Origins products that I use every day. I’m hooked! I did some research on their production and sourcing practices and feel confident in giving Origins the Style Wise stamp of approval.

A quick overview of standards and practices:

  • Most products are produced ethically in the US and Canada.
  • Products are formulated from organic and natural ingredients without the addition of harmful chemicals.
  • No animal testing, except when required by law.
  • Product packaging can be returned to the store to be recycled.
  • Paper cartons are made of recycled materials.
  • Facilities use “a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth friendly practices.”
  • Origins partners with Global ReLeaf to repopulate and conserve forests across the world.

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The Origins brand focuses primarily on conservation and environmental stewardship, so not much is said about labor practices. A local employee informed me, however, that most products are made in North America and that care is taken to source ingredients ethically. Though I don’t know with certainty that all elements of the sourcing and production process are sensitive to the people involved, I can say that Origins’ sustainability practices are some of the best in the industry.

I can also say that their Spot Remover treatment pads contain the only naturally-sourced acne medication I’ve ever used that actually works; it’s (finally) allowed me to stop using benzoyl peroxide wash. Additionally, the Full Story mascara lengthens and thickens without further irritating my extremely sensitive eyes.

Whether or not you’re concerned with ethical sourcing and manufacturing, Origins makes quality products for a variety of skin types and moral leanings. And if you go get a mini facial, they’ll give you lots of samples.

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Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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