resource: Equal Exchange’s “The History of Authentic Fair Trade”

equal exchange fair trade guide

Equal Exchange just released an informative history of fair trade in pdf form. The best part is that it’s a comic book!

equal exchange fair trade guide

I knew relatively little about the origin of the fair trade movement before delving into the guide. While it focuses primarily on fair trade coffee, it highlights the major companies, countries, and events that contributed to the fair trade movement overall.

It also goes into some detail about contemporary problems with fair trade certifications as corporations lobby to attach the fair trade name to their questionably produced goods. The world is a sketchy place and the growth of an authentic and ethical fair trade industry is an uphill battle, but there are people – lots of people – who really care.

equal exchange fair trade guide

Getting to know a bit more about problems facing small scale farmers and the lengths that people will go – at the expense of others – to make a buck reignited my passion for fair trade and sustainable living.

*All images by Vendela Larsson for The History of Authentic Fair Trade

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Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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