review: madison street beauty

madison street beauty review

I purchased a handful of Madison Street Beauty natural products during a massive sale a few months ago. The brand claims to be all natural, but I wanted to reach out to get some additional background before reviewing the products. One of the owners got back to my inquiry within a couple days. Madison Street Beauty products are made in the USA with natural ingredients; they are minimally packaged to reduce waste and are cruelty free. Unfortunately, as with most organic and natural beauty products on the market, the company cannot assert that all ingredients were ethically sourced in regard to people and planet, but it’s nice to know that the company strives to operate in a sustainable manner.


I tried several products with mixed success.

Nail Lacquer in Vintage Red:

  • Good coverage and color
  • Stays put for weeks
  • Less harsh than typical polishes
  • Good price point

Lip Sheer in Candy Cane and Romance:

  • Nice texture
  • Lightweight on lips
  • Glossy shine without stickiness
  • Light, pretty coverage

Eye Shadow in Galaxy and Wild Mulberry:

  • Well pigmented
  • Easy to apply considering it’s a loose powder
  • Dark undertones were unexpected
  • Did not suit my skin tone and makeup preferences

I like everything I got, but I doubt I’ll use the eye shadow very often. It’s highly pigmented and darker than expected. I was hoping for softer, more romantic tones to suit my light complexion. I love the lip sheers and wish they’d stay on my lips longer. The nail polish also gets a thumbs up.

Overall score: 4.5/5

Have you tried Madison Street Beauty products? What are your favorite ethical brands?

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