the moral wardobe: perfect

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This 1990s skater dress has the perfect cut in every direction. Perfect wide v-neck, perfect low back, perfect curve to the skirt, french seam in back. I love it so much that when I saw a pink version of it on etsy, I almost bought it, and I don’t even like pink.

It’s funny how vintage sellers often market their products as one-of-a-kind when, in reality, they have no way of knowing that. If it originated in an era of mass production, another one’s likely out there somewhere.

Ethical choices are bolded below. Retailers taking steps to become more ethical are bolded in gray.

  • Dress – vintage
  • Cardigan – H&M
  • Shoes – Korks by Kork-Ease, won in giveaway

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About Leah

Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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2 Responses to the moral wardobe: perfect

  1. so true! unless it was handmade there are probably others, in fact I have the same vintage boots as another blogger. love the “ethical finds in bold” & ones working at it in grey, what a good idea! & absolutely darling dress on you!

  2. leahwise says:

    Thanks; as I kept researching corporate social responsibility guidelines, I realized there was a need to differentiate between places like H&M and Ten Thousand Villages. Clearly one has a clearer, more moral vision and that needs to be indicated.

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