12 months, 12 goals


Oh, goals. We make them and then life happens.

When I started making plans for this year, I assumed I’d have a certain amount of wiggle room in by budget to explore fair trade and artisan made options. But then I got hit with some major taxes and car payments that have left me with virtually nothing to my name. It’s going to be ok, but I don’t have any wiggle room, which means I’m basically stuck on my “Shop secondhand” goal for the foreseeable future.

It doesn’t bother me at all except I feel like I’m letting you all down. I wanted to explore all the facets of the ethical clothing industry in a concise, organized manner, but the fact is that it’s expensive and time consuming to buy fair trade.

Last month I made an effort to read labels and purchase fair trade food as often as possible, but I didn’t fully explore local resources like I intended. It may be best to come back to this once the farmer’s market season begins.

I’d like to spend April tying up loose ends and planning for the future. I did manage to locate a shop that offers sewing lessons in one month packages; I intend to take them by the end of the year because it would really help Platinum & Rust and my personal wardrobe to be able to make alterations and even sew complete garments (out of ethically sourced fabrics, of course). I also want to look into my local food pickup service and get prepped to sell at flea markets (to promote sustainable style with my shop offerings). Everything requires cash flow, so it’ll have to wait. But know that I haven’t given up anything. I’ve just postponed them for a time.

How are your goals coming along this year? How do you live ethically and promote sustainability without spending money?

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Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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