navy and yellow with sseko designs stylewiseguide.com casual outfit featuring everlane stylewiseguide.comminimalist featuring everlane stylewiseguide.com

Outfit Details: Top – Everlane / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes – Sseko (straps c/o Hannah) / Necklace – (of)matter on etsy

Life the past few days has been a tremendous adventure. On Friday afternoon, we embarked with two other passengers to an Episcopal camp in the Shenandoah Valley for a weekend retreat. About an hour into the drive, Daniel noticed a loud clinking noise coming from the car. As I attempted to accelerate, we heard a dull boom from the back of the vehicle. I pulled over, then we waited for 45 minutes for AAA to come tow it to the nearest town. Fortunately, a mixture of friends in the nearby town and other members of the congregation spotting us on their way to the retreat ensured that we all had safe passage to our destinations. After a nice dinner with friends at an adorable co-op restaurant, we heard the news that there was a 6″ hole in the engine. My car, dearest Goldilocks, was a goner. 

Despite the bad news, we journeyed on to the retreat where we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I went on a hike with an ecologist and geology aficionado and learned a lot about central Virginia terrain.

On Monday afternoon, my grandfather in Florida generously agreed to sell us his car, so we’re headed down there shortly to pick it up. I’ve been asking for rides and taking the bus to get around town. I also have a cold, likely a byproduct of stress and too little sleep.

The past few days have been full of the sorts of things that should make me cry, but I’m oddly encouraged by the whole experience. I know I have friends and family who watch out for me when things get tough. I know I live in a world full of wonder, full of bubbling creeks and baby deer and a Capella music and the harmonies of hearty laughter. 

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About Leah

Leah Wise is a member of FIRE in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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2 Responses to harmonies

  1. Catherine says:

    I love your outfit. The skirt reminds me of a pattern on my backpack from high school. I’m sorry to hear about your car trouble. My husband’s old truck was hit and totaled (thankfully, it was parked and he was not in it!) and we have been a one-car family for months. It is harder to juggle, but doable. I’m glad you are getting a new car and the trip to get it sounds fun, too.

  2. Sonya Mann says:

    I love the details of this outfit–the necklace and bright yellow on the sandals. I’m sorry that Goldilocks is a goner, but I’m glad things worked out okay!

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