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American Apparel founder fired

Dov Charney was fired from American Apparel last night. Hopefully the brand can move to a cleaner, less sexualized aesthetic that appeals to a wider market. I’ve often thought that American Apparel was targeting too small an audience with marketing … Continue reading

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the moral wardrobe: simple black & gray

^ I was looking at a bird This week has alternated between humid, intense heat and summer-like storms. I love it! Reminds me of Florida. Since all my grad student friends, including my husband, are finally free of their academic … Continue reading

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the moral wardrobe: invisibility (hair) cloak

Look! My hair is practically invisible! The first half of this week was one long downpour and I enjoyed the opportunity to spend afternoons indoors reading and getting work done. I also enjoyed wearing my very favorite American Apparel cape … Continue reading

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a few favorites

afew by fracturedradiance featuring home decor Just a small assortment of images and things worthy of pinning this week: fair trade moccasins, a sporty midi dress, superb American Apparel flats, and a beautiful forest scene. Click on the styleboard to … Continue reading

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spring favorites

springfaves by fracturedradiance featuring flat shoes I’m ready for novelty print sundresses, swingy skirts, and breathable flats. It’s funny how much the weather can affect style preferences. This stuff looks so cutesy in comparison to my fall wardrobe. Desired wardrobe … Continue reading

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style recipe: sweater and flared skirt

style1 by fracturedradiance featuring dangle earrings I’ve been really into classic dressing this winter due to its simplicity. When you’re cold all the time, it’s difficult to plan perfect outfits, so it’s nice to fall back on time-tested looks. This … Continue reading

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conscientious copycat: the new ball game

fairtradelook by fracturedradiance featuring leather boots This outfit from A Little Dash of Darling is a little over-the-top for me, but I like the silhouette and the mix of fancy and casual. My ethical outfit includes layered tops from People … Continue reading

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everlane: know your factory

Clothing company, Everlane, offers an innovative alternative to the typical retail experience by providing specific information about the factories that produce their understated line. image source The Factories tab opens to a map that allows users to click on a … Continue reading

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october favorites

A few notes: Cooler weather has made me obsessed with completing home projects. It’s much nicer to stay indoors when the space looks and feels like home. Daniel bought me an American Apparel cape for my birthday. It’s like a … Continue reading

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recipe for success: button up + sleeveless dress

sources: tops – one, two, three; dresses – one, two, three; platforms This is my ideal uniform for fall. A button up shirt adds warmth and sophistication to a warm weather dress, while platforms add a bit of edge. As … Continue reading

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