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new article up on Relevant!

Good afternoon. I’m excited to share my newest Relevant Magazine article, The Cost of Spending Less, with you today! Click here to read. And feel free to add to the discussion on the article page or here in the comments. … Continue reading

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fashion revolution day & a sale

Buy sustainable. Buy vintage. But really, there are many avenues for people trying to buy more ethically. And there are many layers to creating and promoting an ethical lifestyle. First, we have to change the way we think about clothing. … Continue reading

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the shirt on your back

On the eve of the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, I thought I’d share The Guardian‘s interactive documentary feature, The Shirt on Your Back, that recounts the events that led to a death toll exceeding 1,000 and follows up … Continue reading

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read this: the eco edit

People Tree, a fair trade fashion label based in London, just released their second Eco Edit digital magazine. This one focuses on life after the Rhana Plaza collapse. It’s pretty bleak, but it’s so important that we read firsthand accounts … Continue reading

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ethical reads

Thought provoking reads on consumption, charity, and corporations: Clothing Ourselves in Shame: Why do we pay for convenience but not for the lives of the people who make our clothes?; David Cloutier for Catholic Moral Theology My favorite pet peeve … Continue reading

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world fair trade day

Happy World Fair Trade Day! Fair Trade Organizations work collectively together to ensure fair wages and sustainable livelihood for small producers. The World Fair Trade Day is a worldwide appeal to consumers to include Fair Trade in their shopping bags, businesses to incorporate Fair Trade … Continue reading

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