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fashion revolution day & a sale

Buy sustainable. Buy vintage. But really, there are many avenues for people trying to buy more ethically. And there are many layers to creating and promoting an ethical lifestyle. First, we have to change the way we think about clothing. … Continue reading

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the shirt on your back

On the eve of the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, I thought I’d share The Guardian‘s interactive documentary feature, The Shirt on Your Back, that recounts the events that led to a death toll exceeding 1,000 and follows up … Continue reading

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favorites: asos green room

Asos Green Room is dedicated to offering ethical and sustainable options while remaining fashion forward. Though many items are out of my everyday price range, I’m happy to see a major fashion retailer catering to ethics-minded consumers; it’s certainly less … Continue reading

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everlane: know your factory

Clothing company, Everlane, offers an innovative alternative to the typical retail experience by providing specific information about the factories that produce their understated line. image source The Factories tab opens to a map that allows users to click on a … Continue reading

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FYI: Topshop

I often do research on fast fashion retailers’ labor and production standards without posting it here. Providing a link doesn’t make for an interesting post, but I’d like to help those interested in conscientious consumer practices navigate resources with ease. … Continue reading

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ethical reads

Thought provoking reads on consumption, charity, and corporations: Clothing Ourselves in Shame: Why do we pay for convenience but not for the lives of the people who make our clothes?; David Cloutier for Catholic Moral Theology My favorite pet peeve … Continue reading

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Bangladesh factory death toll passes 700

The Bangladesh factory collapse that occurred a day after concerned workers noticed a crack in the building’s exterior wall has killed 700 people and counting, becoming the worst garment industry disaster in history (Associated Press via ABC). Now is a … Continue reading

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real solutions: part 3, chronicle your consumption

Did you forget about the Real Solutions series? I didn’t actually know where I was going with it, but the past few months have clarified my specific struggles as a consumer: I want too much and I buy too much.  … Continue reading

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Asos: fast fashion & fair wages

Asos is a UK based, trend oriented retailer featuring thousands of products from hundreds of brands. I purchased a dress and a pair of shoes from them early last year and am still pleased with their quality. On the right: … Continue reading

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ethical trading initiative

“Respect for workers worldwide.” The Ethical Trading Initiative accepts companies that, at a minimum, satisfy the labor standards set forth in their Base Code. Although they don’t actively police, they can assure ethics-minded consumers that the companies who take part … Continue reading

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