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i don’t think minimalism means what you think it means

Minimalism is in. Capsule wardrobes; intentional living; clean lines; sustainable, closet-sized homes. But I hope you realize that the list I just spouted off represents two very different approaches to minimalism and that doing one doesn’t necessarily indicate anything about the other. … Continue reading

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floydfest style revolution

This weekend, Daniel and I headed off to the boonies of Floyd, VA for FloydFest, a folk music festival in the mountains. I got free tickets in exchange for modeling in the first annual FloydFest Fashion Show. The festival prides … Continue reading

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spring cleaning

An important part of sustainable living is avoiding unnecessary purchases. It’s something I hadn’t considered when I started my fair trade journey a few years ago, but it might be one of the most important habits to adopt in the … Continue reading

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new article up on Relevant!

Good afternoon. I’m excited to share my newest Relevant Magazine article, The Cost of Spending Less, with you today! Click here to read. And feel free to add to the discussion on the article page or here in the comments. … Continue reading

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fashion revolution day & a sale

Buy sustainable. Buy vintage. But really, there are many avenues for people trying to buy more ethically. And there are many layers to creating and promoting an ethical lifestyle. First, we have to change the way we think about clothing. … Continue reading

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12 months, 12 goals

Oh, goals. We make them and then life happens. When I started making plans for this year, I assumed I’d have a certain amount of wiggle room in by budget to explore fair trade and artisan made options. But then … Continue reading

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natural skincare: why I love Origins

I stumbled into Origins a bit by accident while waiting for Daniel to get a haircut nearby. I kept thinking it was Body Shop and I wanted some new lotion. Upon realizing I wasn’t at Body Shop, I decided to check … Continue reading

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